Our Vision

Providing holistic wellness services with all its natural benefits to help inspire others about living a more relaxed and pain free lifestyle. 

Our Mission

Here at Salted Peace, our mission is to provide many holistic wellness services to help customers who are seeking natural ways to feel better. 

Our outstanding customer service and unique services and products will assist our clients in reducing stress, anxiety, and pain while giving them an overwhelming feeling of Peace.

Our Story

Meet the owners, Rose and Sonia, friends for over 20 years, who have always been passionate about helping others.  They began this amazing journey of Salted Peace back in 2017 when they first discovered Salt Therapy and realized the effects could help so many people like them.  After a year and a half of research, they found some amazing services that help to relieve some pain, stress, anxiety, and bring an overall calming effect naturally.


​Since the opening of Salted Peace in December of 2018, they have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people and seeing amazing results from the services offered. Sonia says, "I love seeing people walk out a different person than when they came in".  Rose explains, "Our mission is to just make people feel better, whether it's a service, a new product, or maybe just a conversation.  The best part is after, you can actually see the relief in their eyes!" 









"I love hearing how much better people feel after a massage, facial, a sauna session or experiencing Salt therapy for the first time" explains Rose.  "The best part is that you can actually see the relief in their eyes!"

Salted Peace offers Salt Therapy, Massage, Facials, Waxing, an Infrared Sauna, a Vibrational Frequency Table (VFT), and massage chairs with Himalayan Salt detoxing foot domes,