Our Vision

Providing holistic wellness with all its natural benefits to help inspire others about living a more relaxed and pain free lifestyle. 

Our Mission

Here at Salted Peace, our mission is to provide holistic wellness services to customers seeking natural ways to feel better.  Our outstanding customer service and unique products will assist our clients in reducing stress, anxiety, and pain while giving an overwhelming feeling of Peace.

Our Story

The owners, Sonia Morse and Rose Perrie, were at an Essential oil conference when they discovered a Salt Cave (Salt Therapy) on a brochure in a hotel lobby.  After a few months of research, they decided to do a session with a few friends.  During that session, Rose discovered that life had become so busy, she literally had forgotten how to relax.  Then she started wondering how many others were not able to relax either.

Sonia and Rose began a 1 1/2 year conversation that included many hours of research and decided to create a place that made you feel welcomed, and calm the minute you walked in the door... Salted Peace!  This is their stories of what makes Salted Peace a unique holistic wellness spa and how it has affected their lives.