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Any client that is exhibiting any cold or flu-like symptoms should stay home.  We will not allow any individual experiencing any symptoms associated with the Coronavirus (COVID - 19) to complete any services

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30 min Express Facial            $49

Our Basic 30 minute facial is a skin treatment utilizing Mindful Minerals Skin Care products to cleanses pores, exfoliates away dead skin cells, and treats common skin concerns with a custom mask.

45 min Skin Rejuvenation Facial      $64

Our RF & EMS Beauty Instrument can penetrate the skin deeper to stimulate the regeneration of collagen, tightening of the skin, improving skin tone for an overall improved appearance of the skin.   Each light color (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Pink) provide different treatment options.

This can help with the following conditions:

  • soften lines and wrinkles

  • UV-damaged skin

  • prevent the skin from ageing

  • acne prone and blemished skin

  • help against pigmentation marks

45 min Clarifying Acne Facial      $74

Our Clarifying Acne facial starts with a thorough facial cleansing and exfoliation. The Esthetician  will do an extraction process for your clogged pores and use High Frequency Electrotherapy  to treat acne blemishes to help kill bacteria.  Our RF & EMS Beauty Instrument may be used to allow light therapy to help acne prone skin.  The Mindful Mineral products are made to help all types of skin with acne blemishes  Consult our Esthetician on what treatment is right for you.

60 min European Facial           $79

Our European 60 minute facial is a thorough, deep cleansing treatment for the face and neck.

We utilize steam, warm towels along with a beauty care skin massager to exfoliate dead skin, refine skin texture, and keep the skin smooth and delicate.  Our European facial includes a decollete massage for a relaxing skin treatment experience.

60 min Custom HydraFacial Treatment      $125

Our 60 minute HydraFacial works to deep clean, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin. This professional procedure may help treat a variety of skin conditions including acne, dryness, and wrinkles. This is a non-invasive procedure to provide dramatic results. The wand used on your skin can deeply clean and exfoliate while delivering serum that is customized to your skin type. The HydraFacial is sometimes referred to as a Hydro Dermabrasion because it involves micro dermabrasion paired with a hydrating serum. Our HydraFacial machine has several attachments to customize each facial to your skin's needs.

45 min Back Facial Treatment      $85

Our back facial is a skin treatment which is formulated specifically for the back.  We utilize many of the techniques used in skin treatments for the face, which can clarify and soften the skin of the back while providing a deep moisturizing treatment which will leave you with a healthy, glowing back. Our back facials are for both men and women and can target specific skin types or issues such as clogged pores and acne on the back.  

Indulge yourself with our
Vibrational Frequency Table (VFT)
during your Facial

Allow your body to relax with sound therapy during your facial.  Our Vibrational Frequency Table uses sound vibration to touch each and every cell as we perceive sound not only with our ears, but with our entire physical and emotional body.

Emotional imbalances are at the root of many physical diseases and science has proven that sound, or vibration, has a strong impact on substance and healing.  Sound Therapy is so effective because it influences our emotional body as well as our physical body to heal in which the physical symptoms can disappear.

For a total relaxation experience combine physical and emotional healing with your amazing facial today!

30 min VFT Express Facial                    $64
45 min VFT Rejuvenation Facial           $84
45 min VFT Acne Facial                         $94
60 min VFT European Facial                $109

Save Money on your Facial with a Package!

3 pack 60 min European Facial for $222
6 pack 60 min European Facial for $414
Other Esthetician Services
Hydrojelly Mask   Add to Facial $15      

Oue Hydrojelly masks are organic, and electrolyte infused to help increase skin's ability to retain moister and improve overall skin health.  The masks themselves are a delight to experience.  AS most facial masks neglect the eye and lip areas, the Hydrojelly masks can go over the eyes and lips amplifying the benefits for the entire face.  As soon as the mask is applied, you immediately feel its cooling properties and smell its aroma.  After the mask is removed, a warm towel compress completes the experience and removes any excess jelly residue from the face, leaving your skin hydrated, plump, and glowing.  The Jelly texture provides extra full hydration and instant cool and soothing effects all at once.  They also create a completely silky soft, vacuum-like seal over the skin.  This function is the most important!  This vacuum-like seal helps increase the penetration of the active ingredients along with topical serums into the skin.  

High Frequency Electrotherapy Treatment
(Great for Blemishes and other skin issues)
Add To Facial     $15       

High Frequency Electrotherapy is an important beauty treatment to help with acne treatments, enlarged pores, dark circles or other skin problems.  The high frequency current applied to the face through a glass tube help to calm nerves and help to relieve pain.  It can help with wound healing, improve blood circulation, improve metabolism, and has the function of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and tightening.  Consult with your Esthetician for treatment options.

Eyebrow Tinting                $25
Eyebrow Wax & Tint          $40
Lash Lift                            $90
Lash Lift & Tint                 $95
45 min Dermaplaning Facial                 $65

Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliation method that gently shaves the top layer of the skin removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz.  This requires no down time and will leave you with smoother and brighter skin.  This Basic Dermaplaning includes a cleanse, the dermaplaning, and SPF Moisturizer.

75 min Full Dermaplaning Facial          $100

Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliation method that gently shaves the top layer of the skin removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz.  This requires no down time and will leave you with smoother and brighter skin.  This facial is a 60 min European facial with an additional 15 min of Dermaplaning (approx) for a total 75 min facial experience!

45 min Microdermabrasion          $95

For clients who want to address early signs of aging, few treatments are more appealing than crystal free microdermabrasion. It’s gentle enough for sensitive types, but it is also extremely effective. It’s designed to sweep away dead skin cells layer by layer, gradually removing visible signs of age and sun damage. After several sessions, most clients report that their telltale signs of aging are dramatically improved, and they look younger and healthier than they have in years.

75 min 24K Gold Collagen Facial          $150

Indulge yourself with a one of kind 24k gold collagen facial.  This includes consuming our Isagenix Collagen Elixir shot with a custom facial using a 24k Gold mask that you can take home and reuse 1-2 more times.  This luxurious mask if formulated with active ingredients rich in antioxidants like Vitamin A, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Grape and Plum Seed extract and will help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This facial is designed to help your skin look and feel hydrated. It helps to promote elasticity, fighting against premature signs of aging and protect skin from harsh environmental stressors and free radicals. It will help rebuild your collagen giving your skin a more firm and taut feeling.  This facial is beneficial for all skin types.

60 min Nano Fusion Facial     Single Treatment $125
Series of 3     $350
Series of 5     $700

Multi-patented NanoFusion technology is a unique skin treatment modality delivering astonishing results through its novel skin penetrating and skin massage capabilities. 

NanoFusion creates nano-scale channels in the skin for 10-20 minutes - allowing increased skin penetration and improved absorption rate of active ingredients as well as delivers them to the right location within the skin, maximizing and optimizing their efficacies. Combined with the proprietary massage and vibration properties, NanoFusion amplifies skin rejuvenation by inducing collagen synthesis and skin healing. 

The Nano Pen uses cutting edge nano technology that gives you results similar to micro-needling with no needles, no downtime and less cost. Leaving your skin glowing! 

Meet our Esthetician...


Esthetician Katie Strickland

State Board License #204995


Tuesday/Thursday 10am to 6pm

Wednesday/Friday 9am to 5pm

Katie is an Esthetician with 9 years of working experience.  She graduated from Paul Mitchell The School Fresno in 2009 and has continued expanding her education over the years, including training in full body waxing.  Katie's goal during your skin treatment is to address your skin needs and to create a peaceful environment where you can fully relax and enjoy your experience.  She is passionate about helping people to feel comfortable in their own skin and to see their own beauty, to strengthen their self-love.

Relax, Breathe, Rejuvenate, & Repeat!



Salted Peace does not provide medical advice, education or treatment.  The information contained on this website is for general information purposes only and does not address individual circumstances or medical conditions.  Always consult your doctor for medical advice.  Any skin sensitivity, product reactions, or other conditions should be disclosed to any member representing Salted Peace before receiving a facial with Mindful Mineral or Skin Script products.


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